Yin and Restorative (Including Inside-Out)
Yin & Restorative Yoga sets to help you slow down and luxuriate in some Divine Me Time. Rest and relax deeply to heal and remember who you really are.

Divine Me Time
Restorative, grounding/embodiment practices to rest and relax deeply to heal.

Yoga to Wind Down

Stretchy Spirals

Rock & Hydrate: Practice with Patience

Gentle Wake-Up Yoga

Spacey Hips & Grounded Legs

Hip & Back Love

Legs Up Yoga Practice

Yumminess Yoga

15 Min. Stress Buster

Yoga for Selfcare

Yoga for Post-Gardening (and other) Backpain

Tension-Busting Yoga

Yoga for Stressed Out Humans

Happy New Year! Yin Hips!

Somatic Warm-Up, Short Strength Flow & Restorative

Yin and Restorative Practice to Feel Awesome!

Snow Angels
This public video is a Tranquil Yoga Stretch class that features a little “snow angel” play.

Restorative Healing for Stressed-Out Humans
Enjoy a deeply restful, healing practice designed to honor our ancestors, just in time for All Souls Day.

Extra Slow and Gentle for a Tender Heart